Welcome to The Jesus Show!

Hey family!

Welcome to The Jesus Show. I truly appreciate you taking the time to check us out.

We're trying to really be a light and spread the good news of Jesus Christ through positive Christ-centered media. Please browse the website and get connected with us. Join #TEAMJESUS, our social media platform that allows you to connect with artists and let others know what you have going on.

If you have an event coming up or know of a good one that everyone should know about... let us know and we will try to post info on the events page or maybe write up an article on it.

We hope to be able to be an uplifting voice to both the body and those who are unfamiliar with the Gospel. We will always be the voice that speaks life. So, with that being said we not only will bring excellence, but it has to speak to the spirit in the same tone and manner that our Lord and Saviour, Jesus would.

We look forward to bringing some fresh content and thank you again for joining us on this journey.

Be sure to check out The Jesus Show Radio and make a song request if you have a song you'd like to hear. The Jesus Show TV is on 24 hours a day. Check it out and let us know what you think. We're always looking for new videos, interviews, and shows to showcase.

Have fun on the site and we can't wait to grow with you in Christ!

- Big Will


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